Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love My Tapes fan mail

Good morning friends. We've got another fan that sent us some of her creations using our masking tapes and double sided adhesive.
Ashley Nguyen Newell sent us a couple of beautiful cards she created with our products that she won from a giveaway at Click here to read the review of Love My Tapes.

Here's what Ashley wrote us to say about creating with Love My Tapes:

"I really like the adhesive. The best thing about it is that it comes out in a consistent line every time which is something I was not getting from other runners. The tape is also very strong which is a plus.
The Washi tape is super cool! I was able to reposition it MANY times while I was pleating it and it never lost it's stickiness or shape."

Here's a look at Ashley's creations

The colors and design of these cards are so beautiful and we love the way she crinkled the Washi tape on the second card and added some staples for that extra flair. Very trendy Ashley!

For more beautiful creations by Ashley, visit her blog hearthugsdesigns

We love hearing from our fans so please email us your reviews and projects that you've created at and we'll feature you as a fan too!


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