Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#Our Happy Place ~ Using Washi Tape on Your Layout

Hi everyone!

Lynn here today sharing another layout using some of the wonderful tapes available at the LMT Etsy Store.

There are several different ways that I used washi tape on my layout.  First I used a large mixture of tapes along one side to create my own mix. I guess you can say it's a collage ;)  I also tore a strip of washi tape to form a banner along the opposite side.

I used Wood washi tape to mat my photo.  This photo was taken at our cottage last fall and I wanted to keep a "woodsy" feel to it ;)

I created some feathers as embellishments by adhering some washi tape to a piece of white cardstock and cutting it out by hand.


Here is a list of the items I used from Love My Tapes.  
Click on the link to go directly to the Etsy Store :D

Japanese washi tape- Turquoise bird and floral- masking tape -Love My Tapes
Turquoise, Birds & Floral washi tape
Japanese Washi tape - Floral masking tape - Love My Tapes
Brown Japanese Floral wahi tape
Japanese floral washi tape - Masking tape - Love My Tapes
Green & Blue Japanese Floral wahi tape
Sketch Flower Washi tape - Floral tape - deco tape - Spring decor- Love My Tapes
Sketch Flower washi tape
Mint Stripes Aqua Washi Tape - Love My Tapes
Mint Stripes Aqua washi tape
Colorful Bird Washi Tape-life planner stickers - planner stickers-Wedding Decor - Favor Paper Tape Craft- Gift Wrap - Love My Tapes- LMT 559
Colorful Bird Washi Tape
Wood washi tape
Double sided adhesive tape - Tape Runner - Love My Tapes - 33' length - 1 tape runners - total 33' long
Double sided adhesive
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Quick Easter Decoration w/ Ange

 Good Monday morning to you!
It's Ange here today with a quick Easter decoration for you.

I have these fun little wooden magnets my husband cut out for me a few years ago when he made me a wire decoration for my living room, to hang my newly made layouts from. The magnets go over the screws he used to attach the decoration to the wall.

I'm constantly changing the layouts I hang from the decoration, so it's really fun to have these little magnets to change to go along with the current holiday. I put a base coat on them, but then wasn't sure what else to do, because, well..., its fun to change them each year, right?
Washi tapes were the perfect solution. Each holiday I can pull the magnets out, take the tape off from the year before and put some fun new tape on!

Here I've picked 4 different polka-dot colors from the store; yellow dots, purple dots, blue dots, & green dots. Then I layered them closely over each of my eggs.

Next you trim the edges with your scissors as close as you can then push the tape down along the edges.

Finish your eggs with a bit of ink or pen work. 

Here is what they look like hanging on my wall:
(click photo for a larger view)

Easy, fun, beautiful and different every year!
Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nature's Window

Hi! It's Candy Spiegel here with a new project using the fabulous Love My Tapes washi tapes.

This project was inspired by a friend of mine. Click the link on my name to see her original design.

I started with a barn-wood frame, removed the glass, and added my favorite washi tape ...

To get this ....

Then, I added hardware cloth to the back of the frame and began decorating. I printed out a 5x7 picture I took recently and matted it. I gathered a bird's nest, some flowers and a few butterflies. Everything was wired onto the hardware cloth.

Many of the items were leftover from a previous project or two. I painted the little plastic bird, since he was a deep purple. I filled the little bottle with chicken grit (ground-up granite) and wired it on.

Then, I glued the Scrabble letters to spell "Nature" along the bottom.

I love how it turned out ... what do you think?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Off To School ~Using Washi Tape on Your Layout

Hello Love My Tapes fans!  Lynn here today sharing my first post as a LMT designer!

I love using washi tape on my layouts.  There are so many different things you can do.  From creating your own background, to embellishments, to tearing it up to add some texture!

Here is what I created for you today:

First off I used the Rainbow Faded Stripes washi tape to create the border on each side of my layout..  Then I added some strips of  paper that I had in my stash and inked along the edges.  You can see in the photo below how I've tucked torn pieces of washi tape between the patterned papers.

I added some machine stitching directly on the washi tape for a fun effect.

I used Turquoise, Birds & Floral washi tape to create part of my title.  I simply adhered strips to a white piece of cardstock, then cut out the word "school" by hand.  Then I matted my word to another piece of white cardstock, cut it out, and traced around the letters.  I also used the School Lined washi tape to mat my photo!

An easy and fun way to use your tapes!

Here is a list of the items I used from Love My Tapes.  
Click on the link to go directly to the Etsy Store :D
School lined Washi tape - notebook Masking tape - Love My Tapes
School Lined washi tape
Faded Stripes Washi Tape -Rainbow - wrapping tape - decorative tape - Love My Tapes
Rainbow Faded Stripes washi tape
Japanese washi tape- Turquoise bird and floral- masking tape -Love My Tapes
Turquoise, Birds & Floral washi tape
Music notes Washi tape - blank and white masking tape - Love My Tapes
Music Notes washi tape
Double sided adhesive tape - Tape Runner - Love My Tapes - 33' length - 1 tape runners - total 33' long
Double sided adhesive
Thanks for popping in!

What will you create with your LMT washi?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Love those eyes

Hey everyone, Michelle here today with a new LO.  One of the things I love the most about washi is how fast and easy it is to use.  I created this LO with only one piece of paper as my background.  The I just added strips of washi and some embellishments to finish it. How easy it that?

Here are the tapes I used, clicking on any of them will take you to the Love My Tapes Etsy store!

This is one of my favorites!  Love the blue!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easy Embossed Washi Tapes

Hey guys, Katie here! Today I wanted to share with you a cool technique! I embossed some tapes! Neat, right?

Here's how I made these:
I started by just lining up tapes onto plain pieces of paper. You can find our washi tapes in the Love My Tapes etsy shop. I love the red and white printed flower tape and the pink and white zebra tape.

Than I layered the washi taped papers into an embossing folder and ran them through my Spellbinders machine.

That's it! It's super easy to do. Try experimenting what tape patterns and embossing patterns you combine. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Splash layout from Cassie

I am here today to show you a new layout I created with several rolls of new tape from the store.  I love the variety of tapes available right now.  I grabbed five different rolls and started creating this "X" pattern on a piece of cardstock.

For my title I used this acrylic word that I have had laying around here for about 3+ years.  I just went around the edge with a black marker to define the word some more before attaching it using snaps.  I really wanted the focus to be on all of the fun colors and patterns in the tape.

After adding some journaling and a few embellishments, my layout is complete.  Creating all of the strips with patterned paper instead of tape, would have taken a lot more time.  With the variety of colors and patterns available it is usually easy to find the perfect tape for your next project!
Thanks for joining me today!  I have already planned out the next layout that I plan on creating with the fabulous tapes available from the Love My Tapes store.  Make sure to check out all the great new tapes in the store right now!   
- Cassie - 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Jars

Charity here, from Scrappin' Chaos, to share a quick Easter idea.
 If you like the idea of decorating eggs but not the mess try this!
Wrap washi tape on smooth jars such as salsa, pickle, or olive.
 If you want to try a complicated pattern such as plaid use a paper piercer or large needle to lift the tape for weaving. The oils from your finger tips will reduce the ability of the tape to stick.
You can go as simple as horizontal wraps or as exact as descending vertical strips.
If Easter is not for you then slip a candle in the jar or turn it into a bud vase.
Be sure to share your creations on the Facebook page!
We love to see what you can do.

Scrap On!