Friday, March 12, 2010

Love My Tapes Japanese Masking tapes featured at Studio 5

Photo from Megan's Blog

Megan Hoeppner appeared on Studio 5 this morning with some great ideas using our Japanese Masking Tapes!
You can watch the video by clicking this link here
We're thrilled with what Meagan created with her masking tapes and appreciate her show casing our product on this morning's show.
Meagan is Creating Keepsakes magazine's creative editor and you can read more about her projects with our masking tapes on her blog That's what She Said

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  1. Hello there! :)

    If you want clean edges when painting, paint masking Tapes is indispensable whether it is a DIY or a large commercial project. Nothing looks worse or more unprofessional than dripping, bleeding paint whether on an automobile or in a house around ceiling trim, baseboards, door frames, and windows.


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