Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Tape Tip

Hello Tape Fans! It's Tuesday and time for another fabulous tape tip. If this is your first time visiting us, each Tuesday we showcase a unique tape tip for either our Japanese Masking Tapes or our super fabulous, super strong double sided adhesive. This week's Tape Tip comes from Joanne Nishimitsu:

I'm Joanne Nishimitsu from Mililani, Hawaii. I'm a Wife to Marc, Mommy to Emily Jay, and I'm also a full-time Social Worker at a local Hospice Care Agency.

I've been crafting all my life, but now working in career that can sometimes be very emotional and personal-- crafting is my outlet and stress relief! Some of my other hobbies include: photography, art journaling, shopping, collecting vintage deer and owls, learning new things, and personal growth.

I love finding new mediums to craft with, and find that Japanese Masking Tape is so versatile and fun!
I always say, "What can't you do with Japanese Tape?!?!"

Thank You!
Joanne Nishimitsu

We spotted Joanne's masking tape project on her blog last week and asked her to share it with us for Tuesday's Tape Tip. She created an altered wood photo frame using 5 different patterned Japanese Masking Tapes.

The design is simple and easy to recreate. Joanne gives her instructions on the photo below

Supplies: frame available at most craft stores
Tape Styles from the top, 2 pack Koharu & Karumi, stripe gold, & 2 pack Hougan grey & blue

Love My Tapes all of the styles listed available in the store now and orders ship from our warehouse in New Jersey so you won't have a delay in getting your Masking Tapes to create your own frames.

We'd like to thank Joanne for sharing her tape tip with us today! For more inspiration from this Japanese Masking Tape fan visit Joanne's blog Emjayandme

If you've got a Tape Tip send it on over to us at We love showing off our fans ideas for using our fantastic tapes!

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