Monday, July 8, 2013

A Simple Tip

Hi LMT readers! It's Heather here today to share with you just a quick tip to inspire you to get that washi tape out of your stash and use it! I have a lot of fun adding bits of washi tape here and there and I know you will too! 

For this week's project, I used washi tape in a very simple way. I added strips of washi tape and lace tape to the top and bottom edges of my page to kind of keep the eye from drifting off the page. I had the main focus of my page in the upper right corner of the page and I didn't want to just leave the edges blank. It's not very eye-appealing. So I added some washi along with some patterned paper strips (from the bottom piece that you cut off of some papers… I love it when it has an extra bit I can use!).

I love the awesome texture washi tape adds to my layouts. Not only did I include regular washi texture, but I also used lace to accentuate one side of my page. The lace tapes are so fun and easy to use! As you can see from my page, you don't have to use lace on only "elegant" projects. I include it on my fun pages and it softens the mood of the overall page a bit, I think. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! 


  1. I love your page, and that's a really great tip about washi!

  2. I love your page, Heather! I love the design, and I really love how you used the washi and lace tape. I think I just may use your tip on my next page :)


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