Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Create a Gallery Wall Look with Tapes

Hello! Tessa Buys here with another idea for using tapes on a layout. One day, long ago, I picked up the most adorable lace frame stickers at my local craft store. I quickly used them up and couldn't find more. As soon as I saw lace tapes, I realized I could recreate those same frames. The technique has become one of my favorites for all kinds of tape, and the result is a fabulous gallery wall look on my layouts:

In this layout, I used lace tape, glitter tape and fabric tape to create my frames. To make the lace frame pictured here, first trace your photo onto your layout where you would like to place it. Then, apply one side of your frame at a time, slightly crossing over your traced line. When the frame is complete, adhere your photo. You may need to use dimensional adhesive because of the dimension of the lace tape.

To make the glitter and fabric frames, first adhere your photo to your layout. Next, apply each side of your frame, overlapping the photo. For my glitter tape frame, I made all the sides equal in length.

For a different look, I made two sides of my fabric frame longer than the other sides.

The next time you'd like to use frames on a layout, don't forget about tapes! From washi to lace, fabric to glitter, they all make a great gallery wall.

For more close-ups of this layout, feel free to stop by my blog. Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!

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  1. Fabulous use of the tapes Tessa! and your little dancer is so adorable :)


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