Friday, January 23, 2015

One big photo + washi tape stripes

Hello Love My Tapes friends! This is Maya and today I am sharing a layout with 4 different washi tapes.

I was looking at the picture of my little boy and realized that I have just the perfect washi tapes to match the color of his shirt. (And we all know that this is exactly that type of things that make us, scrapbookers, happy!)

I printed the picture in 5x7 leaving a lot of white space on the side and added three strips of washi tape in blue and green colors. I used the green stars tape and another one with blue and green geometric patterns.

To tie them together even more I went over the stars on the green tape with blue sharpie.

I also used several strips of grey and light green chevron tapes to make a background for the banner accents.

And now I have some great news to share! Love My Tapes has an etsy shop! There you can find the tapes I used on my layout and many many more including fabulous lace and fabric tapes and adhesive!

If you spend $25 in January the shipping is free with code janweb.

Thank you for stopping by today! Now if you will excuse me, I have some shopping to do!

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