Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello Lisa here with a little fabric sheet inspiration for the weekend!

I'm sure every scrapper, card maker or paper crafter has at least one color they shy away from, for me it's purple.  The funny thing is I really do like purple and my daughter Sami wears it quite often, so I'm not sure why I seem to hold a grudge against this color.

I pulled out one of the Fabric Sheets with purple polka dots, and knew I had the perfect photo to go with it.  Rather than digging for any more purple papers I used the Fabric Sheet instead of pattern paper!   Oh and I happen to find a piece of purple paper too. ;)  I love the added texture the Fabric Sheets bring to a layout.

Under the year I layered some of the Sophie fabric tape and Lace Tape as a backdrop.

I added couple more layers using the Jane Fabric Tape and some more Lace Tape to balance off the bottom and add some more texture.

As you can see my strip of the Jane Fabric Tape is very can rip the tapes just like you would regular fabric.  All you need to do is snip it with some scissors and rip!

I hope I've inspired you to pull out some Fabric Sheets and get creative this weekend!

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  1. Ooo - I like this! Don't shy away from the purple - you obviously know how to work it. ;)


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