Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Twelve" - tween birthday scrapbook layout with lace and fabric tapes.

Hi Love My Tapes fans! JJ here again, with another layout. With all the washi tape love that's been shared lately, I didn't want you to forget that LMT also has fantastic fabric and lace tapes, so I've got a few on this page.

To create the background for my photos, I lined up several strips of the fabric tapes to get wider patterns.  You can either do this carefully and line up the pattern, but I kinda like the random look to emphasize they are separate pieces.

(The brown polka dot pattern is from one of the self-adhesive fabric sheets - you want to grab one of these while they are still in the store - I love these.  )

I alternated strips of the lace tape - I like the mix of textures and shades.

Thanks for visiting!
JJ Sobey

Fabric sheet - brown polka dot (FS022)
Fabric tapes- Sophie (FT003), Madison (FT005)
Lace tapes - 13mm beige (LT2002), 12mm brown (LT8024)


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