Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Spooky SItuation!

Happy almost Friday!!  :)  Happy Thursday, just doesn't sound all that awesome!!  But I do have an awesome Washi Tape to share with you today, that I used on a Halloween layout.  I knew that the black & white "lace" patterned Washi Tape would be perfect for a Halloween page.  I have held off using it, specifically for this layout.  Here is the layout I created, and then I'll tell you how I used the tape:

I thought the tape would look great placed behind a negative cut title.  I roughly measured the area for my title and cut it on my Expression.  Then, I took three strips of the Washi Tape and lined them all up on a white piece of cardstock.  After my title finished cutting, I just placed the Washi Tape piece behind it and then trimmed it down to the the size of my title spot!  Very easy and I love the way it looks behind the Orange chevron...definitely got that "spooky" effect I was going for!  This look could work for any of your tapes and layout themes, and it gives a little added interest to your title!  Another great idea for this technique would be for negative cut shapes...circles, triangles, or whatever you decide to create!

I also added in some of the Mint Green diagonal Washi...I think it just might be my favorite!!



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