Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flag!!...You're It!

I love combining my Washi Tape collection with fun trends!  You can't go wrong with two great trends together!!  One of my favorites, being Flags!  They are so cute and easy to make and add to your pages.

I can't say how easy these were to make, but they are such a fun embellishment for your pages!  Grab a toothpick, cut off about a 3 inch strip of Washi Tape, then fold it over itself and the toothpick.  Once you have it adhered, you can cut a triangle out of the end or leave it straight.  Stick pins would also work for your Flags and you could use some of Love My Tapes Fabric Tape also, for Flag embellishments.  Once your Flag is attached to your page, you can "dress" it up, by adding a die cut, brad, button, pearl, title or whatever you would like to the center.  And tying two or more together with baker's twine, adds another fun element to your page!

Have fun on your next layout, creating your own hand-made Flag embellishments and gettin' crafty with your Washi Tape!


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