Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It All Adds Up!

When you think of Scrapbooking...Math may not be an immediate idea that comes to mind, but when you really think about it, we use a lot of Math when it comes to creating our layouts and projects.  How about measuring for titles and embellishments?...whether you are exact and use a ruler or just eye ball it.  Using the rule of thirds to create a page?  Using the pint, quart, gallon method for adding color to your layouts?  And what about adding, to determine the amount of products you will use on your layout?  Well today, we are working with the equation 1+1=2.  You may ask, what in the world that means.  Well, here is my interpretation...1 roll of Washi Tape + 1 style of button = 2 fun Lolli embellishments!!

I used the Pink and Red dot Washi Tape to create my flower.  I just pleated the tape over a Glubber, starting from the outside edge and working towards the center.  It doesn't have to be perfect...the imperfections give it a little character.  I picked a Lime Green button to add a pop of color to the center of the Lolli.  Once I had the flower completed, I adhered a toothpick to the back side and then placed both of them on my layout.  And voila...two fun and easy Washi Tape embellishments to add interest to your layout.  Who knew Math could be so much fun??!! 


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