Friday, February 22, 2013

Pink & Red!

Have you seen this months Pink & Red challenge?? I thought I would play along too especially since pink is my favorite color. How's this for a little room decor!

I started with a simple $1.00 wood frame from my local craft store. I gave the frame a quick coat of white paint so the washi's with the white background would have a true white base. After the frame had completely dried, I picked some of my favorite pink and red washi tapes, and started layering!

I worked from the bottom edge of the frame to the top, and didn't worry about keeping the washi tapes in any particular order. I just rolled off a piece of tape and kept adding more and more. Originally I had planned to add a photo to the frame, but after I had it finished, I loved the look of just the washi covered frame.

This was such a quick and easy project to make and would be perfect to do with kids or as a party favor for guests to make and take home.

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