Sunday, February 8, 2015

Class Valentines with washi tape

Hello, Love My Tapes fans! This is Maya and today I am sharing class Valentines that I made with my 6 years old.

We decided to make melted crayon hearts. I did them before with my older kids and they are so much fun. There are tons of instructions all over the internet so I will not be sharing them. I will show how we packaged them using Love My Tapes washi tape.

We started by peeling the crayons and melting them in the oven.

When the hearts were ready we attached them to a piece of cardstock with a thick glue dot and I let my first grader write his "tos" and "froms" on a piece of washi tape with a sharpie. Not only did it look pretty but if an occasional mistake was made, it was easy to peel off the washi tape and fix the mistake.

I put the hearts inside little bags and closed them with bag toppers that I designed in Silhouette software.

Thank you for stopping by today!

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