Wednesday, April 15, 2015

To Gnome Me Is To Love Me

Hi! It's Candy Spiegel with a scrapbook layout this time ...

I love gnomes. I convince my husband to let me buy a few new ones each year. I put them out in the spring in a single garden. At first, they are easy to spot, but as the plants grow throughout the season, the gnomes become hidden little creatures to search for.

When I saw this new mushroom washi tape from Love My Tapes, I knew it would be fun for this layout.

I also used the red chevron washi tape as a compliment ... 

One thing I like about washi tape is you can add pattern and color, but it doesn't interfere with anything else you want to do to it. You can still put brads through or staple it or do whatever you wish.

And it is easy to tear ...
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