Monday, May 17, 2010

Trend watch: Banners

Banners are a hot trend in scrapbooking and card making that isn't going out of style anytime soon. We see them incorporated into many projects posted on message boards and gallerys at many different scrapbooking sites and blogs. Japanese masking tapes are perfect for making great banners. It's easy to create many types of banners with the tapes, just cut a strip and fold it over twine or string. Once you have the tape on the line, cut it into a V or leave it as a square. What's great about masking tape is that you can move it around easily once you place it on the twine. Either way you'll create a fun embellishment for your project! Check out this fun card from Joscelyne Cutchens

Joscelyne (Joscie, rhymes with bossy) Cutchens has been crafty for most of her life. She has dabbled in creating hand made papers, sewing, screen printing, book binding and beading but her true passion is in photography, computers and paper crafts. Joscie says that Hybrid crafting is a great way to incorporate all of her passions in one hobby.For more of Joscelyne's work visit her blog Oh Scrap!

Here's a few more examples of banners with Japanese Masking Tapes

By Lisa Spangler

By Shemaine Smith

By Heather Meeson

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If you do create a project with any Love My Tapes product send us a pic for our Friday Feature and we'll feature your design as well as a link to your blog. For more information on Feature Fridays click here.


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