Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing with Washi Tapes and Winners announced!

Hello my Love My Tapes friends! Hope you are having a fantastic day. Me, I've been sick, but feeling a bit better now and super excited to show you a super duper Clean and Simple Card I made in less than 5 minutes, just playing around with Washi Tapes!! I love Washi Tapes, they are so easy to work with and all the colors available are just great.
For my card I used 4 different kind of Washi Tapes and the Cherry one is a Fabric Tape from  Afresh Value Pack. I just played around starting from the bottom, isn't it fun? I really like this kind of easy cards, you can mass produce them or create a whole bunch of them in different styles in no time :)

Washi Tapes used for this card:
Afresh Value Pack
Now, let me announced our winners:

  • Polka Dot Challenge Winner:  Entry #5 : Savannah O' Gwynn
  • Mother's Day Blog Hop Winner: Came from Ashley's blog comment #11: Judy
Winners, please send your information at: lovemytapes AT gmail DOT com

Thanks so much!!
Have a great day!!


  1. Oh pretty!! I love how the translucent quality makes the tapes look woven together

  2. These washi tapes look like loads of fun to use and create with!

  3. HOOOOORAY! Thanks for the win!! LOVE this card--those tapes are BEAUTIFUL! !!!

  4. Very pretty card!!
    The blog hop was really fun!!
    Congrats to the winners!!


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