Monday, April 15, 2013

Vintage Inspired Pen Holder

Hi, everyone!  I'm so excited to share my first post as one of the new Love My Tapes Design Team members!  Woo hoo!  ;)  

First, a little about me.  My name is Janice Whiting and I'm married to a wonderful man name Luke.  We with have three amazing kiddos, Elijah (6), Judah (4) and Isabella Wren (1).  I kinda consider myself a jack of all trades (Jane of all trades?) in the crafts world since I dabble in pretty much anything my hands can create with including card making, scrap booking,  home decorating, sewing, crocheting, jewelry making, cake decorating, and yeah, the list goes on!  :)

Here I am!

Today I wanted to share with you a cute and easy project that can be done in no time, yet still look super fun and shabby chic. 

 But, before I share my project, I have a confession to make.  And I'm kinda thinkin' (and hopin') that I'm not the only one. Here goes.  I hoard packaging. There.  I said it.  Anyone else wanna confess with me?  I'm not a "real" hoarder, I promise.  BUT, my crafty self just cannot throw away a perfectly good and sturdy aluminum foil roll or even the nice sturdy roll that some of my bamboo silk yarn came wrapped around.  And, since I'm the all in or all out type, here is a pick of my stash to go along with my confession.  I limit it to what can fit nice and sorta neat (not) in this lovely little space in my desk where I think shelves might have gone at some point in its life:

Ok, so do you see the short, wide roll in there?  I thought that it would be the perfect size for a pen holder!  Here are a few step by step pics:

First, I took my roll and traced the inside of it onto a spare piece of foam core board I had in my stash.

 Cut it out using a craft knife.

Next, I hot glued the foam core circle inside and close to one of the roll's ends.

 I was then ready to add my lace tape!  That's right, lace tape.  No glue necessary since it has an adhesive backing to it already.  Just cut and adhere!  Easy peasy with no having to deal with messy glues!

I layered two of LMT Jambo Lace Roll Tapes and then, simply added a satin ribbon and fun shabby flower to finish it off.  :)

 Here she is workin' it with pens inside.  ;) 
 (Don't ask me why I'm personifying my pen holder. Lol!)

I wanted to include a pic of the back because many times us designers want to hide our, ahem, rougher edges but not this time!  Yes, you can see the seam but really, it is pretty faint and still gorgeous besides.  It will, of course, be facing away from me on my desk but it's nice to know that they layer so well!

Well, thanks so much for stopping by!  It has been my pleasure to bring you a fun and easy project you can do using these super fun lace tapes!

Have a wonderful day!
Janice :)


  1. Wow! This is so pretty! I love how you went outside the box (or in this case, the square) to create a 3D project that is not only beautiful, but functional!!

  2. what an awesome idea... i love it.. very creative and fun..

  3. Very cute! And clever. You are not the only hoarder! ;)

  4. How creative Janice! Love the pencil/pen holder you made and hoarder, nope...not a bit. :) It is hard throwing things away that might one day be something quite useful!!!

  5. That is so pretty!! What a great idea, and so creative!

  6. Very cute! I love the look of the neutral and white! I love using the lace tapes and I love this idea!!

  7. Replies
    1. Hi, Stephanie!!! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first post!!! :)

  8. Well I don't hoard packages...or tubes....I just haven't thrown it out yet. But if you want some really strong and long tubes...get the rolls of cello for easter baskets HAHAHA I saved all of them from this year..honestly they are really strong

    Will follow this blog also..never know what else you will come up with. But hoarding packaging?? silly who would do that?? Bubble wrap I keep is for shipping cards and I am sticking to that story!


    1. Right, Jackie,...right. LOL! ;) Don't worry your secret is safe with me! ;)

  9. Usually when the tape runs out, they will just throw the roll straight to the trash bin. But with this, people will have an idea on how to recycle and transform into something useful. Thanks for sharing!

    Thelma Bowman @ Quality Strapping


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