Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MINI Album with Lace & Fabric Tapes!

Hi there!  
My name is Jenni Calma and I am one of the new DT members here at Love My Tapes.  
Even though this is my second post, this will be my official introduction!
So, before I show you my project, I wanted to share a little bit about myself.

I was raised in the South and am married to my best friend, no really, we were best friends, 
for years, about 9, before we were married...We met in Architecture school and have been married 
for almost 12 years!  I worked for 8 years before taking a (possibly permanent) sabbatical to stay 
at home with 2 super cool little people who call us Mommy & Daddy; Sofia (9) and Samuel (6).  
And one hairy black dog named Lola...

We kept sketchbooks all through college and they became more like my first scrapbooks.
After our wedding, I started making mini books and shadow boxes of memorabilia that 
eventually  took a more 2D form after our daughter was born...
I read Cathy Zielske's books and was immediately obsessed!  
Other than scrapbooking, I love to cook, paint, garden and hang out with our family!
You can check out more projects and info on my blog HERE!

Ok, enough about me!! Onto the project!
This was a wonderful collision of timing, products, photos & everything else all rolled into one.
  I have been planning a mini album to document my daughter's First Communion for exactly 
one year now.  But, I couldn't make up my mind or get motivated.
After getting the gorgeous selection of tapes from Love My Tapes, I got really inspired!

I am not a super "lacey" person, or so I thought...this lace fabric tape may totally turn me around!
First of all, as I was working on this project and now looking back at the photos, 
I think that the lace is what I was missing, without knowing it!  I needed something special, 
something I could carry through as a theme with the book, and something feminine.

This is the outside of the mini album where I used the lace for leaves
 on a flower I punched and layered.

This page didn't have any fabric or lace tape but I used the doilies to help tie it in.

These pages both used a fabric tape that are small diamond shapes in colors that 
matched this Serendipity collection perfectly.  That fabric tape comes
in a really cool package of 3 that coordinate but have different patterns.

This is where the lace tape starting coming into the album and I couldn't stop...
I thought it was a perfect addition, since you can the see the color behind it, 
but it is still a nice visual border and offers texture...I love it! 
I used the wide white lace tape throughout the album.

I was a little worried about punching through the lace, chipboard,papers and adhesive...
No problems!  No tearing or frayed was great!


 One of the nicest surprises about this tape is the adhesive...
I have piles of washi but didn't know what to expect from the fabric tapes.

The fabric is a nice heavier weight, not transparent, but still removable with the
same characteristics of washi.  The lace tape, since it is lace, is what was so wonderful.  
It comes on the roll with a removable backing and it is so easy to use.

I was worried it might be a big mess of gluey bits through the lace, nope.  
It is easy to put on, easy to remove for adjusting and retains its adhesive very well.  
I moved and moved and moved this piece of lace on the page 
below about 5 times (Indecisive Girl!), never tore the paper, & stuck to it over & over!

No tape on this one, doilies again.

The back cover with a little envelope & note for my daughter for later.

  I know this is a long post! :)  Thanks for sticking with me!
I was so pleasantly surprised and grateful to have found such a perfect
product to use for this special project...
I hope this inspired you to try something new and be creative!

The other DT members are all really talented and have lots of fun projects coming up...
come back and check out their work on the BLOG or on the Love My Tapes Facebook page
You can see all the products for sale, washi included, HERE.

Happy crafting & have a wonderful day!! 


  1. This is just gorgeous, Jenni!! I love the soft colors, and the photos are amazing!

  2. Hello! This is uber pretty! You have a great eye for design!

  3. Adorable! I love that flower too!

  4. Gorgeous work Jenni!! Love your album!

  5. Oh, I love it! Live seeing all the pictures, too! You little girlie is beautiful--congrats on her First Communion, too! :)

  6. i need to try that lacey washi myself...great album!


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