Monday, November 24, 2014

Fabric Tape Feathers Packaging

Hello! Tessa Buys here with an easy way to dress up a simple gift box with trendy feathers. These feathers aren't from nature or a craft store, though. These are handmade with Love My Tapes' fabric tapes, wire and cardstock.

Choose your tapes, grab some spare cardstock, and find your floral wire (any wire will do, but green floral wire is what I had on hand).

1. Cut your wire as long as you'd like your feather to be. My feathers are about three inches long.

2. Cut pieces of fabric tape long enough to cover the wire. For smaller feathers, two pieces is plenty, but for larger feathers, you will want to use three or more pieces.

3. Lay the wire on a piece of cardstock and apply a piece of tape over the wire. If using just two pieces of tape, overlap slightly. If using three, center the wire under your first piece of tape. Apply the rest of your pieces of tape.

4. With sharp scissors, cut out the shape of the feather. Cut slits in the feather going from the top downward to the wire. The wire will stop your scissors from cutting too far.

I added some Love My Tapes lace tape to the top of my boxes, then wrapped the boxes in twine. I secured the twine with a button and hot glued my feathers to the back of the button.

If you like visual tutorials, I will be updating this post soon with a link to a video tutorial for making the feathers. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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