Thursday, July 17, 2014

Keep Calm, use our Adhesive

So by now you have all heard and seen many projects created with our variety of Washi Tapes, Fabric Tapes, and our Lace Tapes.  Today I just want to remind you that we also carry awesome double sided adhesive. Our adhesive comes in cute pink plastic cases.
I had to create a few custom orders of "KEEP CALM" signs.  So I knew I needed a strong adhesive to make sure my letters did not fall off.
I am using heavy glitter paper and attaching it to a heavy poster board, then putting that board onto a
shiny gold poster board.. lots of  heavy layers.
The poster is going to be hanging up in an elementary school most of the year.. so I need the letters to stay in place.
Cutting my letters with my cricut machine.
See our cute pink adhesive tape runners~

My supervisor.

Finished poster.  I only used
LOVE MY TAPES tape runner.

The supplies I used to create my
Keep Calm sign.
What I also like about our tapes is that they don't break as easy as some other adhesives.  I use this tape in my kids classes and usually they are the first to break apart the adhesive.. but so far not one of these have broke.  So when you go to place a washi tape order, remember,

Have a great day!


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