Monday, July 14, 2014

Washi to the rescue

Hi Love My Tapes friends!  It's Jaclyn back with you today. I thought I'd start off this post by posing a question to you all.  So, here it is... when scrapbooking, do you sometimes run across a set of pictures that you just can't seem to coordinate or make work with the patterned papers in your stash?  This happens to me from time to time and I've recently been reaching for my stash of washi tape to remedy that issue.  Washi to the rescue! ;)

The page I'm sharing today features a sweet memory I wanted to document, but the colors in the picture just didn't seem to work with any of the paper I had on hand.  I did find a sheet that closely matched the red hues from my photos and ended up using it as a background.  But to match the mood and memory of the pictures, I knew I wanted to work in more color.  My washi tape helped me do just that. 

I ended up using the washi similar to how I might have used a coordinated patterned paper.  I simply layed down sections of the tape onto some scrap paper, and hand cut various heart designs to sprinkle along the right side of the page.  Using the washi allowed me to incorporate only the colors I wanted into my design, but still provide lots of pattern and interest.

And because the washi is thin like paper, I was able to treat it just like paper by stamping on it and even sewing through it.

I hope this gives you another 'excuse' to pull out your stash of washi tape when you're putting together your next scrapbook page!  If this idea inspires you, put a link in the comments to share with us!
Thanks for stopping by today!

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