Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Smashing with Washi Tape

Hello! Tessa here, with another SMASH book page to share. Washi tape is a staple of a SMASH booker's stash, but some of my SMASHing friends say they get overwhelmed with the choices and don't know exactly what to do with the tape. Today, I have two tips for my friends. First, choose tapes within the color palette of your project. I typically choose 3-5 tapes to work with, less if I am also using patterned paper. Second, use your tapes as small pops of color, placed to balance out your composition. Here's how I followed these tips on a recent page:

Here I added a layer of the aqua heart tape over a layer of the pink scalloped tape to anchor my photo. I love how both tapes play with the colors from the nearby floral patterned paper.

Here, I tucked a bit of the pink scalloped tape under my layers for a pop of color behind the rose sticker.

And here I added the aqua heart tape to the edge of a pocket page card for a pop of blue.

I hope these simple tips have you reaching for your washi tape stash when sitting down to SMASH book. For more photos of these pages, see my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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