Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Fan Mail

Good Morning! Hope you all had a great weekend! I got some more fan mail this weekend from Bobbi Miller, one of our giveaway winners. She created a cute recipe book project with Love My Tapes and sent us some pics to show

Soo Cute Bobbi! We're thrilled you like our double sided adhesive as much as we do! MSRP for our tape runners are 3.99! That's a great value for 33 feet of strong double sided adhesive that won't break or gum up and you get a full strip of glue with each swipe. And as Bobbi reviewed, it's great for holding ribbon.
Bobbi also posted a review on her blog Bobbi's Hobbies about what she thought of Love My Tape's double sided adhesive. Here's a bit of her review:

Just want to say that I do love this adhesive. It worked on ribbon which is my biggest problem. I just could not find anything that would hold down ribbon that well. If I used a liquid adhesive I would have to sit there and hold the ribbon in place until it dried. I also tried to run my ribbon through the little Xyron and it would not stick to the full length of the ribbon. I ran this adhesive along various ribbon for my projects and placed it down and it stayed plus it is clear tape so even on the gauzy ribbon you could barely see it. I used this adhesive to put paper on chipboard and it stayed in place. I will be going back for more of this adhesive.

Thank you so much for sending us your work. We've started a list with links of retail stores carrying Love My Tapes so you can look for a store near you. Thanks for stopping by today!

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