Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"It's Not a Dinosaur" layout - JJ Sobey

I created this page to help showcase that you can totally use Love My Tapes products on 'boy' pages.  See - you CAN use lace on boy pages.  Being 'chose-y' helps.  :)

I'm not a banner girl, but this just 'worked' for this layout, and it was super easy with the self-adhesive fabric tape.  Just wrap a piece around the wire, and snip.

I added a die-cut piece of fabric from the 'anchors' fabric sheet.  And the ink splats were just for fun. :)

Thanks for visiting!

Supplies :
fabric tape - blue stripe (FT020 Silverton), red stripe (FT020 Royal), Olivia (FT007), Jane (FT011), Chocolate mini-check (FT015)Mix mini-check (FT018)
lace tape - 17mm beige (LT2004)
fabric sheet - anchor on beige


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