Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine mixed media canvas

Hi Love My Tapes fans! JJ here again, this time with a mixed media canvas for Valentine's Day.

After preparing my background, I applied several designs of fabric and lace tapes in repeating stripes.  Having the self-adhesive tapes made it so easy to get everything to stay exactly where I wanted it, especially when I sealed the entire canvas with a gel medium top coat at the end.

For the dimensional hearts, I placed the fabric sheets on chipboard, then die-cut the shapes.  Sticking the fabric to the chipboard first makes sure that you will get perfect alignment - so much easier than trying to die cut them separately!

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fabric tapes - Brooke (FT001), Sophie (FT003), Baylee (FT004), Madison (FT005), Sherbert Mini check (FT016)
lace tapes - 13mm white (LT1001), 12mm light pink (LT5020)
fabric sheets - lilac polka dot (FS017), light pink reptile (FS006)


  1. Love this technique JJ! I will give it a try. Looks really pretty!!

  2. Yeah I love this but would really like to know how u made this absolutley
    gorgeous background !!! My birthday is day after Valentines so am really into hearts. Thanks in advance for any help u can give me...

  3. May I ask what you used to prepare the canvas?


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