Monday, September 17, 2012

Bringing Your Background to the Forefront!

One of my weaknesses in the scrappy world is definitely patterned paper.  I love it, I buy it, I hoard it!!  :)  Well, my love for patterned paper got me thinking, "what can I do with my fun patterned Washi Tapes?".  And a light bulb went off...make my own Washi Tape patterned paper!  Here's what I did:

I thought it would be fun, to use the green diagonal striped Green Washi Tape, to create an energetic background to go along with these action photos.  I started by cutting a piece of white cardstock 7x7.  Then I just tore the Washi strips a little longer than the 7 inches and lined up the first piece along the edge of the cardstock and folded over the ends.  I repeated this process across the cardstock, but alternated the stripes to add a little "motion" to the page.  Once I finished adding all of the strips of tape, I placed it in my Expression and cut a negative title at the bottom of the paper.

So make sure you look for ways on your next layout, to create your own personalized patterned paper, with your stash of Washi Tapes!!  You could even mix up various patterns of tape for a cute, eclectic look!


  1. Love this Ashley! That washi is perfect!

  2. I love Ashley's idea! Awesome idea and awesome layout!

  3. What a cool way to incorporate that washi! Really love the wavy feel! :)


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