Friday, September 28, 2012

Can You Spot the Washi??

I know it looks like this layout is made up of patterned papers and stickers, but did you know there's washi on there too??
Although the cute bow looks like it's made of paper, it and the pink polka dot strip at the top are both made from washi tape! 
For the bow, I adhered a 12" long piece of washi tape to a small strip of white cardstock, this way the cardstock would help the washi keep it's 3-d dimension once it was cut and made into a bow. A few pieces of foam tape inside the loops of the bow will keep them from being flattened once the layout is in an album.
It's fun to see all the creative ways washi can be used!


  1. very cute how you made the bow...cute.

  2. Such a fun idea to use the washi tape to create a bow embellishment, Mary Ann!! I would have never though of that!! :)

  3. Sweet page and such a creative washi bow!


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