Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lace in Bloom

One of my favorite things about Love My Tapes, has to be the variety of tapes they offer...Washi, Fabric, and beautiful Lace tapes.  I have been so excited to work with the Lace Roll Tapes, since I joined the Team and knew I had to use them on a very girly layout.  What's more girly than Ballet??!!  So, I went to work on some Lace flowers to go with the photos from my daughter's first day back to Ballet class this year.

These were SO EASY to make!!  I had some Glubers in my stash, so I took out two different sizes.  Then I unrolled the Lace tape and removed the backing as I went, adhering it to the Gluber.  Start on the outside edge of the Gluber and work your way toward the center.  To help the flower shape "lay" down a little better, I added in a pleat about every half inch.  It really helped to give the flower more dimension.  If you don't have any Glubers, you can get the same effect, by punching a circle or cutting one on your die cut machine.  The Lace tape has it's own adhesive, so you could easily attach it to your circle.  Once you are finished forming your flower, you can finish off the center with buttons or brads.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope to see some Lace flowers blooming on your next layout!!  :)



  1. Beautiful layout! Thanks to Ashley, I have a new product, (lace tape), in my cart!

  2. WOW Ashley! This is probably one of my most favorite layouts of yours! Love those flowers!


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