Monday, October 27, 2014

Wonder Woman Costume Accessories

Hello! Tessa here. Our family is dressing up as superheroes for Halloween this year. The baby is Wonder Woman and her onesie couldn't be cuter. Well, actually, once she was dressed I realized she was missing some pretty important accessories - Wonder Woman's crown and cuffs! Love My Tapes to the rescue with their new, amazing glitter paper!

I drew the shape of her crown onto the back of the glitter paper, then cut it out with scissors. I used hot glue to apply it to a gold glitter headband. For the star, I made an epoxy star sticker with red glitter paper.

I made the cuffs by simply trimming out rectangles of gold glitter paper and adding more stars. I secured them to her sleeves with strong tape.

If you try something similar for your baby or young child, I strongly suggest that paper accessories are only worn in the presence of adults for safety. My baby girl is teething, which means eventually, she's going to try chewing on these cuffs.

Happy Halloween!

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