Friday, November 7, 2014

Fabric Tape Snap Clips

Hello! Tessa Buys here. At the risk of making mothers of bald babies everywhere a wee bit jealous, I have a problem with my 9 month old daughter's out of control curls. My favorite tool to keep the curls at bay right now is the snap clip. I can grab just enough hair to pull away from her eyes, they are secure while she plays, and they are cheap. However, they can be boring. My easy and fast solution? Love My Tapes' fabric tapes!

Ready to make your own? You'll need fabric tape, scissors, and snap clips. For this tutorial, I have used a standard size snap clip, but you can also use mini snap clips (like the one in Adlyn's hair).

Start by cutting a piece of fabric tape that is double the length of your clip, plus a half inch or so.

Remove the backing and open your clip. Start applying the tape to the inside of your clip, keeping the clip centered on the tape.

Flip the clip over and continue adhering the tape to the clip. Make sure that your edges match and that you are firmly pressing the tape to the clip.

Flip over the clip and estimate how much more tape you need to cover the tip of the clip. Trim the excess tape and then fold the end over.

These would make great baby shower gifts or stocking stuffers. Grab all your fabric tapes, a package of snap clips, and have fun!

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  1. Wow this is so cute. Did you know that you can use Tesa tapes for this type of diy projects as well?
    Tesa Asia Distributor

  2. Here in INDIA I'm not able to get it. Not in AMAZON too.


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