Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Ornaments with Glitter Adhesive Cardstock

Hello Love My Tapes friends! Marcia here today with another idea for how to use those glitter sheets. These glitter sheets are so beautiful and with Christmas coming, I could not help myself from creating a few ornaments.

It's looks like it is just floating inside the ornament. Here is how I did it. My ornaments are the flat round glass ornaments and I found mine at Micheals. You will also need a sheet of transparency from an office supply store. I found an ornament shape in the Silhouette store, sized it slightly smaller than my actual ornament, and cut it out from my transparency sheet. My ornament measured 3" in diameter, so I cut the transparency at 2.9". Then I looked for what shapes I wanted to put inside the ornament and also sized these to 2.9". After cutting with my Silhouette, I peeled of the paper backing and stuck it to my transparency.

Now roll it up and slip it inside the ornament,

Add a little artificial snow if you like. Attach a ribbon to hang it on a tree, or you could even attach to a gift bag.

Aren't they beautiful!

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