Thursday, November 20, 2014

Memory box with glitter cardstock

Hello Love My Tapes fans!

This is Maya and today I am going to share a cute project I did that was on my mind for very long time. I admit, I have a weakness for shadow boxes. Unfortunately I didn't make many of them but I am just excited to think about all the possibilities. I found a square shadow box with a slot on the top and decided that that will be the one I will finally make. After thinking through few options, I decided to make a memory box for my daughter to collect her Broadway show ticket stubs.

I used patterned paper for the back of the frame and a Shakespeare quote cut from vinyl on the glass.

I used the beautiful Love My Tapes glitter cardstock in deep red to accent the stage curtains.

The glitter cardstock adds another level of dimension  and reminds me of sparkling Broadway lights.

The first ticket stub is inside. I hope she will have many more to fill the box.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope I inspired you to reach out for this glittery goodness and make something spectacular.

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