Monday, November 10, 2014

Wedding Birdseed Bags with Washi

Hello Love My Tapes friends, Marcia here today. My daughter got married last weekend and I just had to share these cute little bags for keeping birdseed in. It's a tradition to throw rice at weddings as the couple departs the church, as rice is a symbol of fertility. Well somewhere along the line, we discovered that birds that eat the rice, die! So it's much more common now to throw birdseed. My sister-in-law made the cutest little bags. I tried to save one, but my hubby (thinking he was being a big help) threw it out! I had to recreate a few to show you ...

I searched through my stamps for anything wedding related and came up with this heart and bridal couple. Just stamp your image on the glassine bag, fill with some birdseed and seal shut with washi tape. This washi tape was the perfect choice :)

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