Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick & Easy Treats!

Hi there!  Jenni here to share a quick idea and perfect use for washi tape!
I had to come up with some end of the year treats for my kids classmates...
I had a few ideas, but then I realized it was for 45 KIDS!  

I needed something fast, cheap and preferably something I could put my kids to work on!
Nothing sharp or complicated :)  We needed an assembly line!

I saw lots of similar ideas on Pinterest, but used Washi with mine!
I bought several boxes of cheap ice pops and had my kids make groups of three...times 45!

I had already printed out a little tag on cardstock to sign their name on
and we picked out washi in rolls of bright red, green, and yellow.

My son grouped the popsicles together and put the tags on top of each group.
Then my daughter and I came back with the tape, wrapped it around the popsicles 
and the label, adhering them all together and sticking the label to it as well!

This is the PERFECT activity for kids, because washi tape is so forgiving and re-workable...
And there is nothing dangerous, no scissors needed!
 { I thought this would be a cute pool party favor too! }

You can see all the Love My Tapes washi available on the website HERE
and check out the LMT BLOG for more tips & tricks from the rest of the DT Members
and a complete list of places where Love My Tapes can be purchased!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great last week of May!

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