Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Washi You A Happy Birthday!

I have a little girl who is turning five tomorrow. We're gearing up for a fun, girly party on Saturday. When I asked my daughter what type of party she wanted, she said "I want a dress up party!!" She insisted that only girls be invited and wasn't happy when I told her she had to invite her brother! LOL!

No girly party is complete without frilly decorations. Of course, being the crafty mom that I am, I had to make them. And, of course, being a lover of washi tape, I just had to use it! Washi is so versatile. You can use it with so many things.

For instance, you can add them to your goodie bags.

You can wrap your utensils with it.

You can make medallions with it.

Don't forget the birthday banner!!

Here's the birthday girl!!


  1. Love this! So, so cute! Good job!

  2. Love it! The pink and black combo is so cute and your daughter is so cute too! :)

  3. You are crafty!! That is so cute and the tape around the utensils! And she is a doll! :)


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