Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Washi as a TOOL...

Hi there!  Jenni here today to celebrate a Washi Wednesday with you!

 And to suggest how fun thinking outside the box can be!  Especially with washi
It is the ultimate tool.  We all know it is pretty, comes in a gazillion styles, 
colors, patterns and  is a growing part of everyone's scrap embellishments...
But today, I want to focus on what a great tool it is too!

Washi tape is adhesive, but non-stick...not a lot of tapes can do that well!
There are lots of tapes made for masking on specific paper, watercolor papers especially.
Tapes that help hold it in place, create a border, prevent warping and help create a mask
for anything you can imagine!  I decided to use my washi to mask off a piece of 
watercolor paper & paint a loose interpretation of an ombre beach sunrise...

I have lots of washi that won't be used as often as some other patterns, 
and washi goes a long way...Put it to use too!  I started by taping my paper down to my board.

I tore a couple pieces of tape and used it to roughly divide the piece of paper into thirds.

I painted a pale blue wash over the top two halves and painted a sand color at the bottom.


I tore more pieces off and then tore each of those in half to get a rough edge.
I randomly placed those pieces of tape & kept painting washes on top off each other.
I didn't keep using more washi, I just moved the other tape down,gradually adding more color!


I finally pulled off all the tape pieces and the borders too.

Some paint got under the torn pieces, but I think it adds to the effect.
I made sure the border pieces were adhered well to create a clean crisp edge.
I stamped and embossed a piece of vellum with StazOn and gold Zing!, 
added a couple other embellishments and a piece of patterned paper.

Washi could be the ultimate tool!  So many uses!  
I challenge you to think about your collection in a different way, 
besides just embellishment, and to share it with us on the LMT Facebook Page!

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