Sunday, May 18, 2014

Smash Book Pages and a Fabric Tape Paperclip Flag Tutorial

Hello! I'm excited to be sharing my first Love My Tapes project with you! One of my favorite places to use tape is in my smash book. A smash book is like a scrapbook and art journal combined. Tape is a great way to add color and pattern, and to secure things to the pages. In this page spread, I used Love My Tapes washi tape to adhere the photo and a 4x3 card:

I love the polka dots! But the most fun I had with tape was making these tape flags:

The fabric tapes are the easiest tapes to use, but as you can see, washi tape works, too. If you'd like to make your own, follow these simple steps:

For more details about these smash book pages, visit my blog today and every Sunday for SMASH Sunday. I use tape on pretty much every page, and now you'll be seeing quite a bit of Love My Tapes tape there! Have a great day! Tessa


  1. Awesome pages Tessa! I love your washi clips! Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial. :)

  2. Awesome way to use the fabric tapes. Love your smash book pages!

  3. Such cute and clever clips, Tessa. I think I'll be making a slew of these for summer reading book marks.


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