Monday, May 26, 2014

Washi bow and neck ties

Happy Monday, Love My Tapes friends! It's Jaclyn here today, to share some quick and easy cards that I've made with the upcoming holiday in mind ...  Father's Day!  What doesn't scream Dad, then a colorful array of neck and/or bow ties.  For even more fun, I've constructed these ties out of washi tape!

The ingredients to put these cards together are simple - a colorful stash of tape, cardstock, foam adhesive,  and scissors.  I'll even walk you through the simple steps to create the ties.

Let's start with the bowties.  Cover a scrap of cardstock with your chosen tape and cut along the edges, trimming off the excess cardstock and leaving just the strip of tape behind.

Fold in both sides of the tape strip, curving around a pencil to allow for smooth circular edges, as shown.  Secure the ends of the piece cutting off any excess tape.

Add a foam adhesive square to the center of your bow, and use a leftover scrap of the 'paper tape' to wrap around and complete the center of the bow.

Quick and easy, huh?  It'll take you no time to whip up several of these and adorn a sweet card for the men in your life. 
Now, maybe your Dad is more of a necktie type of guy.  If so, those can easily be constructed out of tape as well!

 Start by covering a scrap piece of cardstock with tape, again.  This time rather than simply trimming the 'paper tape' into a strip - notch the bottom and angle the sides to create the shape of a necktie, as shown.

Use a small remaining piece of the 'paper tape' to fold the neckties 'knot', securing it with foam adhesive to create dimension.

It's easy as can be and within no time, you'll have an array of ties to decorate cards, tags or even gifts for the special Dads in your life!

Thanks for joining me today!  We hope you stop back by tomorrow to see what fun things we have in store to share with you!


  1. What a cool idea! I love those neckties.

  2. Such neat techniques! I still need to make a Father's day card!


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