Monday, June 15, 2015

Celebrate card w/ Ange Weisbeck

Ange here today with a super fun almost ALL Love My Tapes card!

I started with a white cardstock base, then added the awesome Happy Birthday tape. After that I layered the rest of the card with this cool Black Diamond tape. The design didn't quite match up if I layered one above the other so I just overlapped them a bit to make it flow.

Then I added a few strips of the Chalkboard Numbers, but cut out the blank black space between number sets. Next I added my sentiment and decided it needed a little help popping, so I used the Red Chevron tape to get the job done.

It's fun to punch through cards so you can see a bit of the inside from the front and with this bold color scheme I thought a bit of orange showing through would look good.

You can get these cool tapes in the store!
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