Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pre-Embellished Art Journal Pages

Hey guys, Katie here! Today I wanted to share with your how I used some fabric tape to "pre-embellish" some of my art journal pages.

Right now (almost) all of my crafting supplies are in storage, as I'm currently traveling and will be moving soon.  So last month, knowing that I was going to be away from all of my supplies this Summer, I made a small art journal kit to take with me in my travels.

It includes a couple of rolls of washi tape, some watercolors, and some markers. Not much. Which is why I went ahead and added a few extra embellishments into my journal.
I used the fabric tape to add strips of tape to my page, cut out shapes like hearts, etc. I do plan on further embellishing these pages while I'm traveling using my limited supplies.

I used the hot pink tape from the DayDream Fabric Tape Value Pack. I love this bright, bold tape and the fabric gives a nice texture to my journal.

Thanks for stopping by! -Katie

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