Thursday, June 18, 2015


Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos to share a layout decorated with handmade flowers.
~ Daylily ~
Once I started replacing my ribbon with washi tape I discovered that my hand made flowers took on a beautiful translucent look. For this layout I made various types of flowers.
Each type of lower begins by folding the washi tape. The bicycle basket is packed with “ribbon” roses made from washi that has been folded in half lengthwise for the blue rose and in thirds for the pink roses.
The cluster of flowers above the left corner of the photo feature an open rose, with more
lengthwise/ in half folding. The foxgloves, however are folded width wise.
Here is a 4-step tutorial for making your own foxgloves.

Step 1: Measure out a 2.5 inch strip of Washi Tape
Step 2: Fold back the first inch of washi so that it sticks together and the strip is 1.5 inches long.
Step 3: Curl the washi into a cone, leaving the sticky portion free.
Step 4: Tuck the sticky washi into the cone to hold the flower together.

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