Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Etsy shop! Fabric Tape & Easter?

I am so glad Love My Tapes has an Etsy shop.  I was able to add a few more tapes to my collection that will be perfect for the upcoming holidays. This set of 3 Fabric Tapes is the Haze collection.  I love the look and feel of fabric tapes.  This set is perfect for the Easter or Spring projects.

These 3 fabric tapes are the Haze Collection. 

Here is a look at my new Washi Tape.  I love anything with numbers on it!  The thin black numbered washi tape will be perfect for a project I am doing for school, but it will also work in my journals.   Of course stars are great year round but I plan to use this for my 4th of July Rosette banner.  The gold is fabulous for anything and everything.  Hearts are for some Valentine cards and treat bags.  The banner's were too cute to pass up and the bunnies are on everything that I made this week!


I covered 2 paper mache eggs with fabric tape, and added a strip of it to my book page egg. The banners were topped off with some of the lace tape and bunny themed washi tape.eggsbook

I covered these paper mache eggs with Love My Tapes bunny washi tape and fabric tapes. Some of the eggs are old text books with only one strip of washi tape and then I added a button.

These paper mache eggs were so easy to decorate with tape.. you can either just peel and stick or you can add some glue over and under the tape.  I love quick DIY projects and the kids do to!  I also added a touch of the bunny washi tape to a banner and my Easter book. All of the tapes pictured are from Love My Tapes.

You can purchase them from the new Etsy shop.   If you shop in February use promo code: 2015LOVE and get 15% off a $25 order.. this code ends 2/20/2015

 Please visit the Love My Tapes facebook page or scroll back through our blog posts.  Our designers are amazing and have tons of great washi tape ideas.


Kimberly Congdon


  1. Wow, what a brilliant idea for using washi! They look amazing!

  2. Wow. The designs of your washi tapes are all catchy. That kind of stuff shouldn't be so mundane and dreary and whatnot, so it's really that they have such snazzy designs. Anyway, I bet your Etsy shop is doing well because of those. Thanks for sharing! I wish you and your shop all the best!

    Pete Summers @ Elite Market Links

  3. Fabric tapes are very nice, and having designs on them is even more adorable. I bet your Etsy shop has had a lot of viewers and costumers because of those lovely designs. Thanks for sharing this with us, and more power to you!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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