Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Jars

Charity here, from Scrappin' Chaos, to share a quick Easter idea.
 If you like the idea of decorating eggs but not the mess try this!
Wrap washi tape on smooth jars such as salsa, pickle, or olive.
 If you want to try a complicated pattern such as plaid use a paper piercer or large needle to lift the tape for weaving. The oils from your finger tips will reduce the ability of the tape to stick.
You can go as simple as horizontal wraps or as exact as descending vertical strips.
If Easter is not for you then slip a candle in the jar or turn it into a bud vase.
Be sure to share your creations on the Facebook page!
We love to see what you can do.

Scrap On!



  1. Awesome! These are so fun and easy. Great idea!!

  2. wow..these look absolutely fantastic..once i get my paycheck from the writemyessay company, I'll buy all needed things and start making something like's gonna be so much fun


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