Monday, March 30, 2015

Quick Easter Decoration w/ Ange

 Good Monday morning to you!
It's Ange here today with a quick Easter decoration for you.

I have these fun little wooden magnets my husband cut out for me a few years ago when he made me a wire decoration for my living room, to hang my newly made layouts from. The magnets go over the screws he used to attach the decoration to the wall.

I'm constantly changing the layouts I hang from the decoration, so it's really fun to have these little magnets to change to go along with the current holiday. I put a base coat on them, but then wasn't sure what else to do, because, well..., its fun to change them each year, right?
Washi tapes were the perfect solution. Each holiday I can pull the magnets out, take the tape off from the year before and put some fun new tape on!

Here I've picked 4 different polka-dot colors from the store; yellow dots, purple dots, blue dots, & green dots. Then I layered them closely over each of my eggs.

Next you trim the edges with your scissors as close as you can then push the tape down along the edges.

Finish your eggs with a bit of ink or pen work. 

Here is what they look like hanging on my wall:
(click photo for a larger view)

Easy, fun, beautiful and different every year!
Thanks for stopping by,

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