Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Morning checklist with washi tape

Hello, Love My Tapes fan! This is Maya and today I am going to share a fun project that I hope will become an important part of my son's morning routine.

My friend told me about a clothespin chore chart she wanted to do for her kids and I immediately thought that it can really help me and my son with the morning tasks. After some changes to the original idea that what I came up with.

I covered a simple clipboard with patterned paper and added letter stickers to the top. I covered the seam between the "to do" and "done" halves with beautiful Love My Tapes washi tape.

Each clothespin represents a morning activity, It is covered with washi tape from both sides. I used a thin sharpie to write the task.

If this will work well for us I will make another set of clothespins for the bed time routine, using a different washi tape.

Hope I gave you some ideas. Thank you for stopping by today!

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